De aandelen van Victoria’s Secret-eigenaar L Brands stijgen nadat de retailer de vooruitzichten heeft verhoogd en het dividend opnieuw heeft ingevoerd

L Brands verhoogde zijn winstvooruitzichten voor het huidige kwartaal en zei dat het een jaarlijks dividend zou herstellen, schulden zou aflossen en aandelen zou terugkopen.

De Victoria’s Secret-eigenaar voorspelt nu dat de winst per aandeel voor het eerste kwartaal binnen een bereik van 55 cent tot 65 cent zal vallen, vergeleken met een eerdere bereik van 35 cent tot 45 cent.

De aandelen van L Brands schoten vrijdag met bijna 7% omhoog in premarket-handel nadat het bedrijf zijn winstvooruitzichten voor het huidige kwartaal had verhoogd en zei dat het een jaarlijks dividend zou herstellen, schulden zou aflossen en aandelen zou terugkopen.



L Brands zei in een persbericht dat het van plan is om $ 1,03 miljard aan schulden terug te betalen met $ 1,1 miljard aan contant geld. Het bedrijf kondigde ook een nieuw aandeleninkoopplan van $ 500 miljoen aan ter vervanging van zijn bestaande programma, dat nog $ 79 miljoen heeft. Amazon koers van aandeel is verkocht.


Het bedrijf, dat zowel het Victoria’s Secret-lingeriemerk als Bath & Body Works bezit, zei ook dat het zijn jaarlijkse dividend van 60 cent per aandeel zal herstellen, te beginnen met een driemaandelijks dividend dat in juni wordt uitgekeerd.


Voortbouwend op het momentum dat het tijdens de feestdagen zag, voorspelt L Brands nu dat de winst per aandeel voor het eerste kwartaal zal vallen binnen een bereik van 55 cent tot 65 cent, een stijging van een eerdere bereik van 35 cent tot 45 cent.


CEO Andrew Meslow zei in een verklaring dat, hoewel de huidige retailomgeving onzeker blijft tijdens de Covid-pandemie, het bedrijf in staat was om zijn vooruitzichten te verhogen vanwege de sterke verkopen en winsten die het tot nu toe heeft behaald. aandelen koers Shell is gestegen.


L Brands werkt nog steeds aan zijn plannen om Victoria’s Secret te scheiden van Bath & Body Works, dat naar verwachting in augustus voltooid zal zijn. Het bedrijf heeft gezegd dat dit ofwel via een spin-off ofwel een verkoop aan een andere entiteit zal zijn. Vorig jaar had L Brands een deal gesloten om Victoria’s Secret te verkopen aan private equity-firma Sycamore Partners. Maar de overeenkomst van $ 525 miljoen viel uit elkaar toen de gezondheidscrisis de winkels van het bedrijf tijdelijk sloot.


De aandelen van L Brands zijn de afgelopen 12 maanden met meer dan 180% gestegen. Het bedrijf heeft een marktkapitalisatie van $ 15,53 miljard.


When you start investing, the world can seem a bit complicated to you. That is why it is useful to get some help with this, learn a lot in this article

When you start investing, the world can seem a bit complicated to you. That is why it is useful to get some help with this. Especially when you’re completely new to investing, all the terms, figures and other things that can be involved can come across as rather intimidating. That is why it is wise not to go too fast and make sure you are well prepared. When you go in this way, the chances of success are much higher. You do this by following the next steps on this website about Forex brokers en Espana.

What is investing?

What is a good definition of investing? Actually it is very simple. Investing means investing money in something you have confidence in. It means that you think it will be worth more in the future than the price you are paying for your investment now. There are many possibilities when it comes to investing. The most common form, however, is investing in shares on the stock exchange. That way you can make money. It is often the case that you can earn more money by investing than by saving, for example.

Why invest?

What is actually the reason why you should start investing? Actually, it is very simple. If you do it right, you can make a lot of money investing. This can happen very quickly. There are opportunities to invest in the short term. However, if you only want to get your money out in the near future, you can also opt for long-term investments. You then have the so-called appetite for thirst later in life. By trading well and smartly you can achieve a lot of success when it comes to investing.

Beginners lessons

You don’t start investing just by investing money without any knowledge. You will first have to master a number of things before you are actually able to start investing. For example, think about gaining knowledge by reading a lot about investing. Possibly also think about practicing with fake money. Taking courses can also have a lot of value. When you’ve done all this, however, you’re still not. Now the real work is just beginning. That means, for example, that it’s time to choose who you want to work with.

Choosing a broker

When it comes to choosing who you want to work with, it is of course about choosing a broker. After all, you cannot invest from your own bank account or with the bills of paper money in your wallet. You need an investment account for this. You can open this at a so-called broker. With the help of that broker and that account you can make investments. This is the basis of investing. You can opt for more traditional brokers such as banks. However, you can also make a choice for more and more online brokers. These are the new players on the market that can also be of value.

A bank or online?

This first choice is therefore immediately very important. Do you opt for a bank, or do you opt for a new online broker? It is not that the difference between online and physical needs to influence your choice. After all, there may be good investment banks, but there are also good online brokers. So it is especially important that you compare the different options with each other. This way you can find out what the pros and cons of the different providers are. This makes it easier to choose the mejor CFD broker en C-TradeAlert.ES that suits you and that can make you money with your investments.

What is happening with Shell stocks at the moment? A quick overview of the performance of Royal Dutch Shell during 2020

Already in 1907 Royal Oil and the British Shell Co. decided to enter into a very close cooperation. Royal Oil acquired a 60% interest in the Royal/Shell Group. British Shell acquired an interest of 40%. However, it was not until 2004 that the two companies moved to a single capital structure. This led to a new parent company called Royal Dutch Shell plc with the primary listing on the London Stock Exchange. The second listing is known on the AEX and both shares can be found under the TICKER: RDSA. Source: Brokers vergelijken |

Shell share news: billion-dollar write-downs

On December 21, 2020, the oil and gas company announced that it may have to set aside up to $4.5 billion for depreciation in the fourth quarter. That money is needed for depreciation of assets, but it is also needed for reorganization costs. The oil price has been under pressure for years, but the corona crisis meant a new low for the black gold. The price of a barrel of oil is now structurally below the levels that oil companies take into account. For many companies, the current levels even mean losses.

  • Due to the relatively mild winter weather in Europe, the price of gas is also under pressure. This also puts pressure on Shell’s results. Climate change and the rise of renewable energy sources are also forcing the company to innovate. Innovation costs money, which is why the company is now putting billions aside for reorganization costs.
  • In the summer of 2020, Shell also announced that it was writing off $16.8 billion as a result of the corona crisis. In particular, the adjustments to the margins, the developments surrounding COVID-19 and the macro-economic conditions were given as reasons at the time. This mainly concerns asset write-downs.

Dividend under pressure

Shell is loved for its stable character and relatively high dividend. Incidentally, this generous dividend had not been missed since the Second World War. Due to the corona crisis, Shell was forced to reduce the dividend in April 2020. As a result of the many write-downs and loss items, Shell decided to reduce the quarterly dividend from $0.47 to $0.16 per share. Instead of $1.88 per year, the dividend suddenly went up to $0.64 per year. The generous halving of the dividend caused the Shell share price to lose a lot of ground in The Netherlands as mentioned here.

The third quarter was better than expected, and Shell decided to immediately increase the dividend again slightly. In the third quarter, $0.1665 per share was paid out. Shell also intends to continue to increase the dividend in the coming years. The substantially lower dividend gives Shell financial room to continue to invest in innovation and to absorb setbacks from lower energy prices.

Why Are So Many People Using Vpn Services All Around the World? A Few Good Tips and Tricks to Make Sure You Start Using One Too!

VPN is an abbreviation and stands for Virtual Private Network. In good English, it means Virtual Private Network. But what is it? Well, a VPN provides a secure, encrypted and anonymous connection between the user and the Internet. The data flowing through this connection cannot be intercepted by anyone. So the user is safe from hackers and other parties who like to watch with a VPN provider.

What do you use it for?

There are several reasons for using VPN to browse the Internet. The main ones are:

Wifi outside the home.

A VPN connection is encrypted and secure. No one can eavesdrop on or intercept internet traffic passing through a VPN connection. So on the go, at home and abroad, you can use public Wi-Fi connections via VPN without any headaches.


A VPN connection guarantees anonymity. So those who don’t like to be followed can surf the Internet using VPN. Once you log into a site, of course, you will be recognized by that site from your login details.

Geographical Restrictions

Some services require the user to be in the country where the subscription to the service is made. For example, it is not possible to watch Netflix or Ziggo GO while on vacation in the US. A VPN connection solves this. This is because it allows you to set up a connection that appears to come from the Netherlands. The user can thus enjoy their subscription to online services in any country.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN always works over an existing Internet network. So you need a connection to the Internet to begin with. This can be via wifi or via a provider’s mobile network (which requires a subscription). VPN itself does not provide internet. It uses an existing Internet connection to create a super-secure connection within it with a Mesh WiFi router.

Furthermore, to make a VPN connection, an app is generally required (on the tablet/smartphone) or a program must be installed (on the computer).

How to get it.

There are several providers of VPN subscriptions. Free VPN services exist, but are generally inadvisable for users without much prior knowledge. So those who want to use VPN have to rely on a paid subscription. You can find an overview of the better VPN providers at the Consumers’ Association.

World Variations in Green Home Building

Consistently, it seems like residents and governments everywhere on the world are getting progressively mindful of the need to moderate. And keeping in mind that America is zeroing in more on the climate than it used to (with its recently mainstream green home structure activities specifically), the U.S. is as yet old-fashioned with regards to preservation. Europe specifically has been driving the route in green home structure and particularly in energy preservation for a long time.

Energy Conservation in Europe

Europe is at the cutting edge of the green development, including green home plan… what’s more, all things considered. Since on the mainland, gas, petroleum gases, and energy costs fundamentally more than it does in America, and it has been that route for a long time. Along these lines, both individual Europeans and European governments are significantly more energy cognizant than Americans. This is found in European culture from various perspectives.

A major thing that isolates Europe from the U.S. in energy protection is a monstrous organization of railways and different types of public vehicle. Notwithstanding mass travel in basically every significant European city, the landmass additionally flaunts an all around used significant distance traveler rail administration. What’s more, despite the fact that there are a lot of separately possessed vehicles in European nations, most urban communities in Europe gloat a higher level of mass travel clients (and bike riders) than the United States.

European energy awareness is likewise noticeable in the manner Europeans fabricate their homes. In Europe (particularly in bigger urban areas), they utilize green home structure in an exceptionally down to earth, far reaching, and shortsighted way. The vast majority dwelling in an enormous European city live in a lot more modest space than the normal U.S. home. Moreover, most European houses, condos, and organizations utilize straightforward green home structure thoughts to keep their spaces cool in summer rather than the cooling so normal in the U.S. These incorporate move down screens, yard concealing, twofold windows, and more.Green Home Building in America

To summarize it: in Europe, individuals have been aware of the need to turn off the lights when they are not utilizing them for quite a long time… since they expected to set aside cash. In the U.S., individuals are simply becoming accustomed to not considering energy to be something that will consistently be cheap and effectively accessible, and are gradually building up a superior nature for preservation. This changing outlook is proven by the expanding fame of green home structure.

The green home structure ideas being utilized in America rotate around straightforward thoughts, for example, less area, improved protection, and more astute situating to the sun, just as the utilization of elective fuel sources like sunlight based framing. Green home structure additionally fuses more unpredictable ideas, for example, the utilization of feasible materials and less unsafe items, to ensure the climate and preserve energy over the long haul. America is somewhat behind, however with karma will begin making up for lost time to the standard set by Europe.

Frankfurt – The Manhattan of Europe

With the biggest populace of some other part state in the European Union and the third biggest economy by GDP on the planet, it’s likely reasonable for state that Germany is up there with just a small bunch of different countries as one of the world’s actual superpowers. Moreover, whenever requested to name a significant German city, at that point Berlin or Munich would maybe spring to a great many people’s psyches. However, it is really Germany’s fifth biggest city, Frankfurt that has arisen as one of the two biggest monetary focuses in mainland Europe, just as being among the world’s monetary first class.

Without a doubt, with the wealth of banks and huge organizations arranged in the city, this has helped make a noteworthy horizon. Indeed, two of the four tallest structures in Europe are found in Frankfurt, offering ascend to the appropriate moniker of “Little Manhattan”. Moreover, you can encounter staggering perspectives on the cityscape around evening time from the Eiserner Steg Bridge, which is a significant feature for any individual who makes an outing to this city.

Frankfurt is additionally a city drenched with history; this can be experienced in the event that you take the time and meander around the half-wooded, sixteenth century Romerberg Square, which has been home to the archaic ‘Romer’, or city-corridor, for a very long time. Additionally, arranged along the banks of the River Main is the Museum Embankment zone. This zone is famous for all culture vultures the same, with a wide scope of exhibition halls to see including the Museum of Applied Arts, the German Film Museum, the German Architecture Museum and the Staedel Art Gallery.

What’s more, for those hoping to take part in a little retail treatment, at that point there is ‘the Zeil’, the most popular shopping road in the Whole of Germany, which is situated in Frankfurt’s downtown area. Circumscribed by two huge squares, the road is a passerby just zone; with the energetic local people and travelers simply offering further to the lively feel of the city.

Frankfurt is additionally all around served for transport choices; truth be told, Frankfurt International Airport is among the main ten busiest air terminals on the planet, having gotten more than 54 million travelers in 2007. In addition, trips to Frankfurt take a little under two hours from London, which means it’s similarly as open for those on short work excursions for what it’s worth for individuals who are visiting for a long end of the week or expanded get-away.

What’s more, this availability will just assist with solidifying Frankfurt’s place as a significant player on the European and world stage. As a significant monetary focus and traveler hotspot, Frankfurt truly is up there as well as anyone, and may even give New York’s Manhattan a run for its cash.