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Why Are So Many People Using Vpn Services All Around the World? A Few Good Tips and Tricks to Make Sure You Start Using One Too!

VPN is an abbreviation and stands for Virtual Private Network. In good English, it means Virtual Private Network. But what is it? Well, a VPN provides a secure, encrypted and anonymous connection between the user and the Internet. The data flowing through this connection cannot be intercepted by anyone. So the user is safe from hackers and other parties who like to watch with a VPN provider.

What do you use it for?

There are several reasons for using VPN to browse the Internet. The main ones are:

Wifi outside the home.

A VPN connection is encrypted and secure. No one can eavesdrop on or intercept internet traffic passing through a VPN connection. So on the go, at home and abroad, you can use public Wi-Fi connections via VPN without any headaches.


A VPN connection guarantees anonymity. So those who don’t like to be followed can surf the Internet using VPN. Once you log into a site, of course, you will be recognized by that site from your login details.

Geographical Restrictions

Some services require the user to be in the country where the subscription to the service is made. For example, it is not possible to watch Netflix or Ziggo GO while on vacation in the US. A VPN connection solves this. This is because it allows you to set up a connection that appears to come from the Netherlands. The user can thus enjoy their subscription to online services in any country.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN always works over an existing Internet network. So you need a connection to the Internet to begin with. This can be via wifi or via a provider’s mobile network (which requires a subscription). VPN itself does not provide internet. It uses an existing Internet connection to create a super-secure connection within it with a Mesh WiFi router.

Furthermore, to make a VPN connection, an app is generally required (on the tablet/smartphone) or a program must be installed (on the computer).

How to get it.

There are several providers of VPN subscriptions. Free VPN services exist, but are generally inadvisable for users without much prior knowledge. So those who want to use VPN have to rely on a paid subscription. You can find an overview of the better VPN providers at the Consumers’ Association.